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When I visited Kyoto, we took a train one night to see the night life in Osaka. Many of you probably don’t know this but my last name is Osaka.  I don’t know how many times I get asked if I am actually from the city Osaka, and I have to leave them disappointed by saying that I am from Tokyo. Although it was a very brief stop that consisted of dinner and drinks, I got a chance to say hi to the famous Guriko Sign in Dotonbori. I actually like the area at night than in the day because at night you can see the signs extra vibrant with colored lights.


Foreigners may not know this but every time Hashin Tigers (Japanese baseball league team) wins the title people of Osaka go out and party so hard, some of them actually jump in to the Doton river.  Apparently the river is not that deep, so people get seriously injured or even die from diving into the river.


We had dinner at a very delicious savory Okonomiyaki ( Japanese pancakes) restaurant.  There are many Okonomiyakies with varieties of ingredients.  You can pick a seafood one, or cheesey mochi, or even ones with gyoza.  These unique pancakes are made on the teppan (stainless steel grill) and they are topped with sauce, mayo and fish flakes. My mouth is watering right now.


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