Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Lotus Lake

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IMG_0057My expat father have recently moved to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I visited the country for the first time with my mother to visit my father during my winter break 2014.  Although it was January, the climate was warm with the right amount of breeze.  Kaohsiung is the tropical (hot) part of Taiwan surrounded by beautiful piers, beaches, and mountains.  Since we planned the trip last minute, we didn’t have an itinerary, but I requested that we must see the famous “Tiger and Dragon Pagodas.”  The temple is located at Lotus Lake in Zuoying District in Kaohsiung.  I must say the view was spectacular! IMG_0061_2 There are two towers, one for the  Tiger and one for the Dragon.  According to our driver, entering through dragon’s mouth and exiting from tiger’s mouth turns bad luck into good fortune. IMG_0060 The interior of the pagodas were very colorful with 3D Taoist reliefs. Most of the imagery depicts heaven and hell reminding people to do good deeds daily.  Spring and Autumn Pavilion is conveniently located next to the Tiger and Dragon Pagodas.  Another beautiful landmark in the near proximity.  The pavilions are dedicated to Kuan Kung, the God of War.  The giant statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy riding the dragon welcomes you in to the building.  The location around the Lotus Lake was simply breathtaking.



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