Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo Sky Tree

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My best friend from Australia visited me in Tokyo last winter and I had a chance to visit Tokyo Sky Tree for the very first time.  I was envied by many locals that live in Tokyo that have not yet been up the Sky Tree.  
Many people, including my family that lives in family has the impression of Tokyo Sky Tree being extremely crowded due to the building being fairly new.  ( It opened in 2012)  Despite the warming we got from all my family that it will be impossible to get through the long lines at Tokyo Sky tree during peak season, my friend and I decided to go on  December 23rd.
 We woke up early to walk around Senso-ji, Asakusa area and walked our way to Tokyo Sky tree so that we can get the full view from a distance across the river.  The infamous Asahi beer building has a golden beer “foam” statue on top of the building stands by the Tokyo Sky Tree from the view across from the river.  There is a big misconception that many people including myself think that the golden “foam” is a gold poo.  I’m not going to lie it truly looked like a golden poo. We had a great laugh out of it.  Surprisingly the line at the Sky Tree was not bad, we still had to wait but we got in under an hour.  We got in line between couples, families, and tourists and munched on our senbeis (rice crackers) from Asakusa while the we got through the line.IMG_0142
It was mind blowing that it only takes 90 seconds to go up to the sky deck with a 360 degree view at 350m above ground level! I had to pop my ears very quickly.  I was impressed with every little details of the building, especially the art work in the elevator, the lights were so beautiful.

When the elevator door opened, I was welcomed with a breathtaking view.  My jaw dropped, I could not believe how beautiful my home town is.  I am so proud of where I am from.


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