Central Park Post Polar Vortex

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For my last spring break as a college student, I decided to go to New York City. Many of you may question my choice of destination….but I promise it will make sense.  I picked NYC because my sister and her husband lives there along with numbers of high school friends from international school Bangkok.  In addition, as a senior college student anticipating graduation in May, I wanted to explore what kind of opportunities are out there in NYC.  I hope that justified my spring break!


That’s me at a cafe with my Magnolia’s cupcakes. ( my favorite!!) I got them as a reward after my job interview!

(PC: My best friend Janet Lee, follow her on Instagram –> @janet_j_lee
My sister and her husband recently moved to a new place on 2nd Avenue between 23rd and 24th street.  Moving from Upper east side to lower east side was a great move! I loved the location, and most of all the view from their master bedroom was absolutely breathtaking.  I am so jealous that they get to see the beautiful Empire State building everyday from their bed.


I was worried about the weather in March, because I have been hearing so much about the Polar Vortex; eskimo weather from everyone.  I guess I lucked out! The weather was still chilly but the sun was out most of the days I was visiting.  My way of staying in shape while feasting on all the amazing food in the city was to run around in Central Park.  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is my favorite spot to run at.   One around of the reservoir is about 1.5 miles so it makes it easy for me to track how far I have ran during my workout.  Oh, and not to mention the view is spectacular! When I visited in March, it was my first time seeing the s reservoir frozen.  I had to take a few pictures to Instragram, it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was such a refreshing way to start my day off in NYC.


Overall, my stay in NYC was amazing. My dear sister spoiled me and took me to all the amazing gourmet restaurants, bars and lounges in the city! I will post another blog on the food and drinks I enjoyed during my trip!




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